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zinc phosphate


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. This method lays an important foundation for the application of ionothermal synthesis in the synthesis of other types of molecular sieves, and will show a broad development prospect in the aspects of adsorption separation and catalytic applications.

The research topic of the synthesis of aluminum phosphate molecular sieves is an independent research topic of the State Key Laboratory of Catalysis and is also a support project of the National Natural Science Foundation of China. Over the past few years, based on an in-depth understanding of the laws governing the synthesis of aluminum phosphate molecular sieves by ionothermal synthesis, researchers have developed an ion-heat-carrier autorotary crystal method and successfully fabricated a series of aluminum phosphate molecular sieve membranes such as AEL, AFI, CHA, and LTA. . The method uses an ionic liquid as a reaction medium, and the autogenous pressure of the synthetic process system is extremely low. The alumina carrier is both an aluminum source and a support body, and the preparation process does not affect the strength and shape of the carrier. It is a simple, efficient, and safe method suitable for large-scale industrialization. A new method for preparing aluminophosphate molecular sieve membranes.

Molecular sieve is an important adsorption and catalysis material. A layer of crystalline molecular sieve is epitaxially grown on a porous support to form a molecular sieve membrane. Zeolite membrane combines the characteristics of molecular sieve materials and thin film materials. Because its regular pore size is equivalent to the molecular size, it is an ideal material that can simultaneously achieve molecular sieve and shape selective catalysis. Preparation of molecular sieve membranes traditionally uses the same hydrothermal method as synthetic molecular sieves. Previously domestically produced silicate and aluminosilicate molecular sieve membranes were the main ones, while membranes prepared from other aluminophosphate molecular sieves used in other industries are quite similar. Difficulties.

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